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From robert burrell donkin <rdon...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Project resolution for XML Graphics
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 11:43:46 GMT
On 2 Jul 2004, at 16:18, Clay Leeds wrote:
> On Jul 1, 2004, at 8:38 PM, Glen Mazza wrote:
>> Only problem with it, preventing me from voting +1:
>> I would like this clause removed:
>>> RESOLVED, that the initial XML Graphics PMC be and
>>> hereby is tasked with the migration and rationalization of the Batik 
>>> and
>>> FOP Apache XML subprojects; and be it further
> As Peter indicated, however, *migration* seems to be what the whole 
> purpose of this exercise is.

FWIW (as someone who's had experiences with both well and badly drafted 
project charters)

i'd be inclined to remove the clause since it's unlikely to apply for 
more than a short period.

IMHO charters should describe the long term purposes of the project in 
question in broad terms whilst providing only enough detail to allow 
the project to start to functioning so that it can develop it's own 
bylaws. it should be easier to change bylaws than the charter and so 
there are advantages in keeping charters slim.

IMHO the right way to express the necessary short term goal would be 
for the board to charge the new project with the migration and 
rationalization separately from the charter.

- robert

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