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From Glen Mazza <grm7...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Project resolution for XML Graphics
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 12:55:20 GMT
--- "Peter B. West" <pbwest@tpg.com.au> wrote:
> Glen et al,
> My impression was that the phrase "migration and
> rationalization of the 
> Batik and FOP Apache XML subprojects" refers to the
> migration from XML 
> subprojects to XML Graphics subprojects.  If the
> migration does not 
> happen, what code will come under the XML Graphics
> umbrella? 

I don't think so--no migration is *required* for XML
Graphics to have management over Batik and FOP.  As
for the precise projects which will come under the
management of XML Graphics, the resolution is
normative, not ViewCVS URLs.

Both teams' code can sit where they are, same with
their Bugzillas.  While it may prove advantageous for
some movement to later occur, this doesn't have to
happen.  Batik can be on a CVS box in Brisbane and FOP
on a CVS box in Baltimore, and XML Graphics retain
management of both.

> "Rationalization" may be something that can be
> postponed, but it does 

I don't like that term, because that implies that the
code is currently irrational.  But there really aren't
many problems with the current setup.  Batik is
certainly a very-low-maintenance success.  As for FOP,
for the year I've been on it, its class count has
fallen from 905 to 592--thanks to Finn for 90%+ of
that heavy lifting--and yet if anything is more

Yes, transcoders may be more of Batik's department and
not FOP's task, but FOP isn't yet solidified enough
for them to take it over yet.  And yes, I'm also very
open to making them shared components--so SVG-philiac
FOP developers like Jeremias can always get their paws
on them--but ideally there should be people working on
them (or at least wanting to work on them) first--we
don't need additional moving parts if no one is
looking at the code.

> Would it be OK then, to just drop the "and
> rationalization" from the 
> resolution?

No, let's get rid of this clause and debate all this
after XML Graphics forms.  I'll create a new ballot
very soon.


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