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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@wingsofhermes.org>
Subject Federation Status 20/6/2004
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2004 11:22:40 GMT
As promised (well, it's still the weekend, if only just :>.)

Here is my understanding of current status.  Let me know what I have 

I plan to update this weekly from now on (well, that's the plan :>) and 
actively follow up where people are.  I'd still like to drive for end of 
July for all projects to either by at TLP or having made a formal 
decision to remain within XML.

# Xerces, comprising Xerces Java, Xerces C++ and Xerces Perl

Draft charter/resolution written, but some discussion still ongoing.  I 
*think* this is coming to consensus, but no movement recently?  Neil has 
taken the lead on this one with input from Andy.

# Xalan, comprising Xalan Java and Xalan C++

Started out with a draft charter, but stalled some months back.  Is 
anyone still working on this?  I think Brian was taking the lead here?

# XML Graphics (comprising FOP and Batik)

Discussion around Batik given current activity.  Jeremias has just put 
forward a proposal that looks sound, initial comments appear to agree.

# XML Security

Discussion has occurred on the security-dev list, but stalled on scope 
of the TLP.  Berin has taken the lead, and will be restarting over the 
next week.

# Xindice

I couldn't find anything on Xindice, but I could swear that something 
was posted to the lists a few months back?

# Axkit

Charter put forward, and I believe it was fairly agreeable to all, but 
I'm not sure what happened from there?

# Forrest

Now TLP.

# XML-Commons

To remain as part of XML


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