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From Simon Pepping <spepp...@leverkruid.nl>
Subject Re: XML Graphics: draft charter, draft resolution update, items to discuss
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 20:01:11 GMT
On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 01:03:38PM +1000, Peter B. West wrote:
> Jeremias et at,
> I've suggested some changes on the charter wiki.  They do not take 
> account of Cliff's recent suggestion.
> >[1] 
> >http://nagoya.apache.org/wiki/apachewiki.cgi?XMLProjectPages/XMLGraphicsPMCDraftCharter

Two suggestions from my part.

Re Charter 2.1, the reason of existence of Apache XML Graphics: I
think here the difference between both subprojects becomes
apparent. Both have a different reason of existence. My suggestion:

2.1. Apache XML Graphics exists to promote the availability of
graphical rendering and viewing software for XML-based formats. This
has two components:

- An implementation of the W3C XSL-FO Recommendation, which renders an
abstract layout description in terms of Formatting Objects in a
concrete layout in existing page description languages.

- An implementation of the W3C SVG Recommendation, which renders SVG
graphical information on existing graphical rendering platforms.

[This explains why the transcoders were developed by FOP.]

Re Potentially problematic points

> FOP has recently voted in new committers who may have contributed too
> little yet (in the view of some) to already become committers. This
> was primarily due the fact that a lot of old FOP comitters became
> inactive during the last two years and some of the FOP committers
> wanted to help "reignite" the project. Although Batik seems to have
> similar problems, they haven't taken similar steps. If this is a
> problem for the Batik people, especially since the common components
> will be accessible to FOP as well as Batik committers, we'd like the
> Batik people to speak up.

I do not think that was the (only) reason to vote in certain
committers despite the fact that they had not contributed much
code. There is a gap between contributors and committers. There is no
recognized role for possible team members who contribute in other ways
than writing code, although we all know that such contributions are
important for projects with an established user base. I think there is
no such role in all of Apache; if there were, the role could be added
to the charter.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
home page: http://www.leverkruid.nl

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