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From "Fredrik Lindner" <Fredrik.Lind...@r5.com>
Subject RE: Any good freewaretools to manage XML Databases?
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 15:29:35 GMT
Or check out the Apache XML subproject Xindice...

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	From: Christian Dickert [mailto:Christian.Dickert@gmx.de] 
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	Subject: Re: Any good freewaretools to manage XML Databases?

	Hi Johannes,
	I don't know exactly what you mean by "XML database" since there a lots of
	approaches available to store XML data persistently, and later query and
	retrieve it, e.g. native XML database servers like Software AG's Tamino, XML
	extensions to relational databases like DB2 and Oracle, or you can even use
	object-oriented tools like Poet and Versant.
	But since you are looking for a freeware implementation, you might want to
	check out the JaxMe framework and connect it to a free DBMS like MySQL:
	Please refer to
	http://jaxme.sourceforge.net for JaxMe 1
	http://ws.apache.org/jaxme for JaxMe 2.
	I hope that helps a little,
	Johannes wrote:
	> Hi there,
	> i would like to know if there are good tools to manage xml databases.
	> For example a tool would be useful which provides searchfunctions or can
	> be
	> used with exel or open office exel. Has somebody some advices where i
	> could
	> find such tools? Are there freeware tools for xml or are they all
	> commercial?
	> Greetings,
	> Johannes.
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