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From Neil Graham <ne...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject [VOTE]: motion to transform Xerces into a top-level project as a member of the "federation" of XML projects
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 23:44:58 GMT

Hi all,

Throughout January and February, the idea [1] of converting the XML project
into a "Federation" of projects was discussed.  The reason for doing this
is that the by-laws of the Apache Software Foundation make certain
assumptions about its structure, and the Board is concerned about how this
relates to questions which might need to be defended legally--such as
whether a given release of a product was sanctioned.  Releases, for
instance, are supposed to be voted on by the PMC responsible for a product,
not merely by the committers for that product, since PMC's are creatures of
the Board and their chairs are officers of the Corporation and so there is
a verifiable link between the Board and the decision to make a release.

That said, clearly there's lots of benefits inherent to the current
situation--all the XML-related technologies are grouped together in a
recognizable way, and share a common website and, at least in some sense, a
sense of community.  So the proposal is that various subprojects should
become top-level projects, but continue to share common infrastructure and,
hopefully, retain that sense of community.

After some discussion, the proposal received consensus, and was discussed
at the February Board meeting.  The Board liked the direction, and is now
expecting the subprojects identified in the proposal to vote on whether
they would like to become top-level projects.

In this note, I'm proposing that The Xerces-C, Xerces-J, and Xerces-P
subprojects form an Apache Xerces project.  We'llneed an initial charter,
and I'm attaching a proposal to this message.  This is based on the Apache
XML project's charter [2], appropriately modified to meet our needs.  Note
that I've also deviated from the Apache XML charter in certain other
respects:  e.g., I've got rid of all references to unanimous PMC votes
(except for removing subprojects) since these have been demonstrated to be
unworkable in practice.

To get things rolling, here's my +1.

[2]:  http://xml.apache.org/mission.html
(See attached file: charter.txt)
Neil Graham
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Phone:  905-413-3519, T/L 969-3519
E-mail:  neilg@ca.ibm.com

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