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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@wingsofhermes.org>
Subject Re: Federation Proposal
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 10:18:25 GMT
Glen Mazza wrote:

> 2.  Likewise, the naming of the board VP for our PMC might possibly be 
> better done by the board itself.  (I'm not certain on this point, 
> however.)  If they choose a PMCer we'll have an election to fill the 
> vacating PMC position.  They may also choose to have someone who has no 
> relation to anyone on either team, something commercial organizations 
> intentionally do sometimes.  (The benefit of doing so in the open-source 
> world, however, I really can't say...)

Dirk has already commented (as a board member :>), but just to 
reinforce, you will want to nominate a person for the position.  Unless 
there is a good reason, I would expect the board will ratify your 

> 3.  I'm not very strong on this issue, but the last issue brought up in 
> the proposal--tasking for separating the projects into components--I 
> think can be omitted at this time.  Our code in those areas need some 
> cleanup, and I'd rather not rush things.  We can perhaps postpone this a 
> few months until after the new PMC is formed.

+1 - sort out the TLP piece first, and then get into the details of how 
you want to handle the project.


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