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From Glen Mazza <grm7...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Federation Proposal
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 00:56:49 GMT
Good work, Jeremias.  Thanks for the effort.

A few suggestions:

1.  As for the initial PMC members, rather than list their names I would 
recommend just their number:  two each from the Batik and FOP team for 
starters, to be decided after board ratification by the teams 
themselves.  (I'm personally fine with keeping our present PMC'ers, but 
don't wish to pressure the Batik project into naming names at this time.)

Later, we may choose to expand the PMC in two directions:  either add 
equal numbers more of Batik and FOP team members, or add non-committer 
oversight members to the PMC:  perhaps a senior-level Cocoon committer 
(because they use our products so heavily), a W3C SVG WG member ('cept 
Thomas! ;), and/or a W3C XSL sub-WG member.  But this can be a future 
issue, if these positions remain vacant for several months, I'm not too 

2.  Likewise, the naming of the board VP for our PMC might possibly be 
better done by the board itself.  (I'm not certain on this point, 
however.)  If they choose a PMCer we'll have an election to fill the 
vacating PMC position.  They may also choose to have someone who has no 
relation to anyone on either team, something commercial organizations 
intentionally do sometimes.  (The benefit of doing so in the open-source 
world, however, I really can't say...)

3.  I'm not very strong on this issue, but the last issue brought up in 
the proposal--tasking for separating the projects into components--I 
think can be omitted at this time.  Our code in those areas need some 
cleanup, and I'd rather not rush things.  We can perhaps postpone this a 
few months until after the new PMC is formed.

Thanks again,

Jeremias Maerki wrote:

>I've posted an initial draft for the XML Graphics PMC (provided this
>name is ok for everybody). I've basically copied it from the one from
>the Logging Services project and changed it from there.

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