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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@wingsofhermes.org>
Subject [Proposal] Native JCE
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2004 09:32:59 GMT

The xml-security sub-project is looking to import some code donated from 
the Shibboleth project to implement a JCE based on OpenSSL.  This would 
provide a much faster crypto base on which to run the xml-security 
library, and would be developed by the same core developers as currently 
work on that library plus the people currently working on the code 
within Shibboleth.

The proposal is at :


It has been given a unanimous +1 vote by the XML-Security team.

Now this is a bit strange.  Given this is not a new sub-project (it will 
be part of xml-security although it will have its own CVS), I'm not too 
sure how it fits within the requirements for voting of the charter.

So next week I'm proposing to kick off a single vote of xml committers, 
including the PMC in that one vote.  It seems a more pragmatic approach 
than two separate votes, but still gives everyone a say in what is going 
on and meets the spirit of the charter requirement.

If that's a problem, am happy to go back to two separate votes, but I'm 
hoping people will be comfortable with a pragmatic approach.

(BTW - We are still working through a name, but it's looking like 
"Juice" - as in "stop on the...".)


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