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From David Crossley <cross...@apache.org>
Subject Re: purpose of Apache XML Commons project
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 09:22:18 GMT
Berin Lautenbach wrote:
> My understanding (FWIW!) is that A is the intention, but that we also 
> try to move common code into xml-commons when it makes sense.  I.e. if 
> there is some code that is replicated in a number of projects, and it 
> makes sense to consolodate, then we might move a single instance into 
> xml-commons.
> Also - I'd hate to think we would be arbitrarily restricted by what the 
> documentation states a particular part of xml is for.

That is why i raised it. Actually if one looks back through the
commons-dev archives there is discussion about the proposal
for DoctypeChanger which has not seen light. At the time i could
not understand what the fuss was about. Maybe this happened
because people interpreted the words as case B). Today i read
the words again and feel that the statement is very unclear.

> If those looking 
> after commons think something is a good idea, but it doesn't quite fit 
> with what is documented, put it to the general list and we can all comment!

I feel a bit alone at commons-dev so will come here to talk
about some of the issues.


> Cheers,
> 	Berin
> David Crossley wrote:
> > <quote>
> > http://xml.apache.org/commons/#java
> > Apache-authored code
> > xml-commons' secondary goal is to provide a project space for small
> > XML-related utilities that are being used in *multiple* other
> > xml.apache.org projects
> > </quote>
> > 
> > Would someone please clarify the intention of those words.
> > 
> > It can be read in two ways ...
> > 
> > A) Having the utilities at xml-commons enables them to be used
> > by various other projects, thus avoiding duplication.
> > 
> > B) The utilities cannot live at xml-commons until they are used
> > by at least two other xml.apache.org projects.
> > 
> > I hope that A) is the intention.
> > 
> > --David

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