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From Paul Libbrecht <p...@ags.uni-sb.de>
Subject Re: Jira
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 10:03:06 GMT

On 10-Feb-04, at 09:52 Uhr, Berin Lautenbach wrote:
> There has been some discussion within the XML PMC around creating new 
> products within Bugzilla.
> Would someone be able to articulate the current stance RE Bugzilla vs. 
> Jira?

Jira: commercial but has a very well done presentation compared to 
Bugzilla. This is the reason most people that I have heard thus far 
prefer Jira.
(Bugzilla is skinnable, but I've never worked with a >good< skin)

>  As I understand it, you are now looking to move everyone over to Jira?

Can't answer on that. There's such a fashion at jakarta-commons...

> If that's correct, is it possible to migrate all bugs that currently 
> exist in Bugzilla to Jira, or is that something we have to do 
> ourselves?

There is an import facility from Bugzilla. No export though.


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