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From Mario Dörr <m.do...@iq-work.de>
Subject Re: Compling with gcc on HPUX
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 13:11:48 GMT
> Uhm, this seems horribly broken... +DAportable, +Z and such are all options
> for HP-UX's aCC compiler, not g++.  Therefore, g++ interprets some
> of those options as sources, think you are doing multiple compilation and
> fails (for compiling a single file, there's no problem mixing -c and -o)
> Did you run "./configure" before attempting to do "make"?
> In any case, take the time to read at least the "README" and "INSTALL"
> files that come with any package.

Yes, i have run "./configure" and i have read the build instruction...

What can i do? Where is the right place to start modifing or searching 
for the bug.

Sorry for the basic question, but i'm quite new the Unix environment....

Thank you!

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