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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@wingsofhermes.org>
Subject Re: Draft discussion of Federation proposal
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 08:59:20 GMT
Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> Concerning the proposed TLPs I'm wondering if FOP and Batik shouldn't go
> together somehow. Both projects deal with XML to graphics conversions.
> FOP currently has 2 Batik Transcoder implementations (additional output
> formats for Batik: PDF, PS/EPS). So there is some kind of overlap which
> needs to be dealt with sooner or later. One possibility is to move the
> transcoders over to Batik but parts of them are FOP-specific so both
> projects should somehow be able to work on the common code. Moving these
> out of FOP still means a dependency on FOP's PDF, PostScript and font
> support code. These might need to be separated into "Commons" projects
> to be accessible to both projects and to ensure compatibility and
> cooperation.
> Sorry if this is a bit technical and not entirely on-topic but I thought
> this may have to be addressed in this discussion.

No - that's some of the stuff we need to work through.  Everyone needs 
to be comfortable with what we are doing here, and if combining some of 
the sub-projects makes sense for technical reasons, then lets do it!

> To be fully on-topic again: When the XML project becomes a federation of
> projects it may make sense to create pointers to other rather
> XML-oriented projects which live in the Jakarta area (like Jakarta ECS,
> Jakarta Commons Betwixt, Digester, Jelly, JXPath, there may be others).

Absolutely.  There are some real opportunities with this kind of 
approach that would be interesting to explore.


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