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From Elliotte Rusty Harold <elh...@metalab.unc.edu>
Subject Re: UTF-8 output invalid from org.apache.xml.serialize.XMLSerializer
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2003 16:37:35 GMT
At 11:13 AM -0500 12/6/03, Jim Cobban wrote:

>If I enter a character such as e' (e with acute accent) into the JTextArea
>and I look at the XML file using a non-UTF-8-aware editor I see that the e'
>has been inserted as a single byte, not as the 2 character UTF-8 escaped
>value.  If I subsequently try to read the XML file using XERCES it blows up
>because of the invalid escape sequence.

I'm certainly not sure of this, but if I had to guess I'd say it's 
more likely the bug is in Swing than Xerces. Can you provide a test 
case that demonstrates this bug without using Swing? e.g. just 
serializing a simple string that contains e with accent acute hard 
coded into the source code using a \u escape?

   Elliotte Rusty Harold
   Effective XML (Addison-Wesley, 2003)

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