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From "gayatri" <gayatri.venkatara...@aspiresys.com>
Subject Issue with Crimson Parser
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 08:56:51 GMT

I have a very serious issue, that might affect my project as a whole. 

My Project involves conversion of an Input XML file to an output XML file format, which is
This process is done using JAVA (JDK 1.3.1) with JAXP 1.1 and Crimson Parser for Parsing the
input file. We
use the SAX Parser of the Crimson for implementation. 

My files range from 4 - 40 MB. When I try to parse a file more than 1 MB, I find that, the
parser does not read part of 
characters at some fixed places. It is happening at the same place. It is sure that the input
file has that data in the
correct format. It happens only with the data and not on the tags. I mean that it is working
fine for start element
and end element. It is not working for Characters alone.

I would really be grateful, if you can help me in solving this problem as it is crucial for
me at this stage for my project.

Thanks in advance.

Gayatri Venkataraman
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