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From Elena Litani <elit...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT]: Xerces-J 2.6.0 now available
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 17:18:23 GMT
Hi all, 

The Xerces-J team is very happy to announce that version 2.6.0 of
Xerces-J is now available.  

This release provides an experimental implementation of the Document
Object Model Level 3 Core and Load/Save Candidate Recommendations (see
beta-dom3-Xerces-J-bin.2.6.0.zip) and also brings Xerces-J into
compliance with the XML
1.1 Proposed Recommendation (except that it does not yet provide an
option to enable normalization checking as described in section 2.13 of
this specification) and Namespaces in XML 1.1 Proposed Recommendation.

Specifically, the significant changes introduced in this release are:

* Improved the scanning of attribute lists, both small and large.
[Michael Glavassevich] 

* Reimplemented XML11Configuration (the default configuration),
improving performance during reset; accomplished primarily by adding an
internal feature which allows components to query whether or not they
need to read features and properties from the configuration. [Elena

* Modified XML Schema interfaces (org.apache.xerces.xs) and updated the
implementation accordingly. Methods were added to expose actual values
and their types and new interfaces were added for loading XSModels. In
addition, fixed various bugs in the implementation and PSVIWriter
sample. [Sandy Gao, Pete Lloyd, Elena Litani] 

* Implemented the DOM Level 3 Core and Load and Save Candidate
Recommendations. [Neil Delima, Neeraj Bajaj, Michael Glavassevich, Elena
Litani, Ramesh Mandava, Gopal Sharma, K.Venugopal] 

* Added support for the 'well-formed' feature in DOM Level 3 Core.
[Neeraj Bajaj] 

* Added XML 1.1 support to DOM Level 3. [K.Venugopal] 

* Fixed the serializer so that TAB (0x9), LF (0xA), CR (0xD), NEL (0x85)
and LSEP (0x2028) are escaped where appropriate in order to allow these
characters to be roundtripped. [Neil Delima, Elena Litani] 

* Implemented experimental support for the XML 1.1 PR. This still
excludes section 2.13. [Michael Glavassevich] 

* Fixed a bug which could cause the parser to run out of memory (or
other resources) while parsing documents containing many entity
references. [Michael Glavassevich] 

* Implemented missing support for Registry-based Naming Authority in the
URI implementation. [Michael Glavassevich] 

* Modified the XJavac task used by the build file so that Xerces can be
built on Linux with Blackdown JDK 1.4. [Amit Kapoor] 

* Removed static references to sun.io.CharToByteConverter which made it
impossible to compile Xerces on platforms that do not have this internal
class. With binaries on such platforms, the serializer was unusable with
many encodings. [Michael Glavassevich] 

* Added support for XML Base to the XInclude implementation. Fixed
various bugs regarding text inclusion and relative URI resolution in the
XInclude implementation. [Michael Glavassevich, Peter McCracken, Neil

* Implemented errata from the XML 1.0 Second Edition Specification.
[Neil Delima, Michael Glavassevich, Glenn Marcy, Peter McCracken] 

* Moved Xerces' SAX support up to SAX 2.0.1. [Elena Litani] 

* Fixed bugs in the XML 1.1 entity scanner that in some cases treated
NEL (0x85) and LSEP (0x2028) as white space characters in internal
entities, and not as end of line characters in external entities.
[Michael Glavassevich] 

* Fixed bug in HTML DOM implementation that would cause a hierarchy
request error by trying to move a doctype node to be a child of the
<html> element. [Andy Clark] 

* Fixed various bugs. [Neil Delima, Sandy Gao, Neil Graham, Michael
Glavassevich, Elena Litani, Lisa Martin, Peter McCracken, Gareth Reakes,
Neeraj Bajaj, K.Venugopal, Ramesh Mandava, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Gopal

For more information please visit: http://xml.apache.org/xerces2-j/

Thank you,
Elena Litani / IBM Toronto

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