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From Jeff Turner <je...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Apache Forrest 0.5 released
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2003 08:01:15 GMT
The Forrest team is pleased to announce the release of
Apache Forrest 0.5.  The release is available at

Forrest (http://xml.apache.org/forrest/) is an XML standards-oriented
project documentation framework built on Apache Cocoon, providing XSLT
stylesheets and schemas, images and other resources. Forrest uses these
to render the XML source content into a website via command-line, robot
(see http://forrestbot.cocoondev.org), or a dynamic web application.


Significant progress has been made in the seven months since Forrest 0.4.
New features include:

    * 70%-300% faster, thanks to the new command-line interface in Cocoon
    * Ability to generate a single PDF/HTML of the entire site
    * New flexible tab/menu system [1]
    * Numerous skin improvements, including Javascript-controlled menus,
      handling of <abstract> and <version>, configurable mini-toc depth,
      menu tooltips, and a new pure CSS variant of standard skin.
    * DTD improvements (v11 replaced with v12, and v20 in development)
    * Rudimentary Docbook support
    * Wiki support [2]
    * Improved PDF output

Under the hood, the monolithic sitemap has been divided into functional
categories and logical layers [3], with the aim of making Forrest sites
easier to maintain, and new features easier to add.

The full list of changes is viewable at:


An Upgrade Guide is available at:

Please send feedback to forrest-dev@xml.apache.org (after subscribing).

  The Apache Forrest team

[1] - http://xml.apache.org/forrest/linking.html
[2] - Demo at http://www.apache.org/~jefft/forrest/samples/wikirenderer-site/
[3] - http://xml.apache.org/forrest/sitemap-ref.html

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