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From "Sascha-Matthias Kulawik" <s.kula...@juwimm.com>
Subject We want to donate a XML / Cocoon / EJB / WebStart - based CMS
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 15:48:25 GMT

we've developed a XML-based Content Management System based on different
technologies like Cocoon, XML, EJB and a WebStart Client Application. It
is in our interest, that we contribute this project with about 200.000
Lines of Code to the Apache Foundation.
I've already written to the Incubator project and I'm searching for a
sponsoring Apache member  or a major project to get the project on the
It uses a lot of Cocoon, so it might be a subproject of Cocoon, but it
might be run with another "Rendering-Engine" as well. As it is based on
XML Content it might be also interesting for the Apache XML project -
but most of the code is not related to XML anyway.
So the third project in the round - Jakarta - is comming in the light.
Just for your interest:
The project is existing since one year at our company as a closed source
We've already running many websites with the CMS', but it was one of the
major interests of our initial customer, that we will open the source
for everyone. IMHO Apache is the best point for let the project fly into
the sky of open source. Currently there are three developers envolved
into the project and actually coding.
I have already done some stuff for different open source projects and
also contributed to the Apache James project - tried to reorganize the
IMAP4 code. (Because of my 16h/day fulltime efford on this CMS project
it was impossible to do anything else)
So let me know how I can show you how powerful this project is and how I
can convince you to become the CMS a subproject of one of your projects.

Please let me know what else could I do to, if this is not the right way
for seeking a sponsoring Apache member.


Sascha-Matthias Kulawik
JuwiMacMillan Group GmbH

P.S.: The Name of the Product is "ConQuest", it's current Home Page is
http://conquest.juwimm.net and it is already in use at some customers of

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