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From robert burrell donkin <robertburrelldon...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: [XMLBeans Status update] was [Fwd: Closure of XMLBeans vote]
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:19:39 GMT
On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 07:26 PM, Ted Leung wrote:

> I'd like to highlight a few items in this message because they bear 
> repeating....


>> Forwarding, Craig McClanahan wrote:
>> ---------------------------------------------------


>> * My only concern about XmlBeans, quite frankly, is
>> one that you did not raise directly -- in the Java
>> space there is a standard API for binding XML to Java
>> objects (JAXB), and XmlBeans is not an implementation
>> of that standard.  That's not necessarily a fatal flaw
>> (after all, my favorite webapp framework is not a
>> standard either, although it is being impacted by the
>> ones I deal with in my "day job" -- Servlet, JSP,
>> JSTL, and JavaServer Faces), but it is a consideration
>> to think about.  Indeed, considering some of the loud
>> voices at Apache, and their opinions on Java standards
>> and the JCP, this might well be a positive :-).  But
>> it should be factored in to thinking about the effort
>> that will be acquired to attract and maintain a
>> developer community, and a user community, should
>> XmlBeans be accepted.  The XML community already has
>> examples of both communities that implement standard
>> APIs, and those who are innovating on their own.
> I refer you to the roadmap for XML Beans that Cliff Schimdt provided
> http://nagoya.apache.org/wiki/apachewiki.cgi?XmlBeansRoadMap
> which includes JSR-31 compatibility if the community deems that
> interesting enough  to provide.  So I think we are covered there.
> Bravo Craig for taking the time to write such a great post!


web services already has a proposal about incubating a JAXB implementation.
  this is based on JaxMe and IMHO probably offers the fastest route to a 
compliant apache implementation. my hope is that XMLBeans will refine and 
tighten their proposal, focusing at first on their current strengths 
(which seem to be distinctive enough to create a distinct identity within 
the family of mapping and binding libraries available from apache).

it seems to me that often the best solutions emerge not in the first 
generation but in the second or third generations. so, i'd like to see 
XMLBeans (as well as JaxMe) here at apache so that it's technologies and 
community can be mined (together with the existing mapping components in 
jakarta) to create these solutions.

- robert

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