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From <be...@ozemail.com.au>
Subject Re: Re: [vote] XMLBeans to enter XML incubation [was: Re: Vote for XMLBeans proposal in the XML Project (was RE: Vote for XMLBeans proposal)]
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

> From: "Neil Graham" <neilg@ca.ibm.com>
> I'll forward your note to the xerces-j-dev list; for the moment, I think
> we're the XML subproject most directly affected.

You're a legend.

> Just a process question though:  So this vote is to accept XMLBeans into
> incubation, as well as to set out the set of conditions that must be met
> during incubation in order for the subproject to become a full-fledged
> member of the xml.apache.org project, right?  Assuming the code is
> accepted, when the time comes when the members of the XMLBeans community
> decide that they believe they have met the conditions we set out here, will
> there be another vote held to formally bring the subproject into
> xml.apache.org, or will someone (you as the PMC chair perhaps) simply
> decide whether or not the conditions have indeed been met?

My feeling (comfirmed I think by Nicola's e-mail)
is that the PMC will need to be comfortable as a
whole that the requirements have been met.

Mind you - If we have indicated we are are 
interested in taking the project "under our
wing", so to speak, then we should, as a group,
be monitoring the status of the incubation.  When
it comes to exit I would hope that it would
almost be a no-brainer.  If there are any issues,
they would have been raised during incubation.

My feeling is that Ted, given he has volunteered
to shepherd the project, would take on the role
of ensuring PMC requirements are being covered
off.  Ted may have a different thought though :>.

I'd be _very_ uncomfortable for the chair to make
a unilateral decision.  I see the chair as more of
a co-ordinator and facilitator than arbitrary
decision maker.


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