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From Ted Leung <twle...@sauria.com>
Subject Re: A cut at update to charter.txt
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 23:05:44 GMT
Berin Lautenbach wrote:

> Peoples,
> As requested, have checked in a first cut (stake in the ground) update 
> to the charter to try to encompass the PMC structure and election 
> process.  I have been a bit vague in a few areas (e.g. how to vote in 
> Chair) as I am not sure of the details.  Have also tried to 
> incorporate in David Marston's comments from this morning.
> On another note - a very quick question (from a person with no legal 
> background whatsoever, but who read the bylaws in an effort to ensure 
> the charter was correct) ...
> Section 6.3 of the bylaws discusses the PMC and the members of the 
> PMC.  To quote :
> "....Project Management Committees consisting of at least one officer 
> of the corporation, who shall be designated chairman of such 
> committee, and may include one or more other _members of the 
> corporation_...."
> (My emphasis)
> As I understand it we get past the PMC Chair being an officer by 
> recommending that person to the Board, who appoints her/him as said 
> officer.
> But my reading of the above is that all members of the PMC must be 
> members of the corporation.  I know I'm not, so are we correct in what 
> we are doing, or is there something else of which I am not aware?

My reading is that PMC's *may* include one more other members, but are 
not required to.

> And, going one step further, doesn't it make sense to ensure (at the 
> very least) that a Chairperson is a formal member of the foundation?

I was chair for a year before becoming a member. 

Speaking of which, does any body have any nominations for a new chair?


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