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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@ozemail.com.au>
Subject A cut at update to charter.txt
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 11:40:33 GMT

As requested, have checked in a first cut (stake in the ground) update 
to the charter to try to encompass the PMC structure and election 
process.  I have been a bit vague in a few areas (e.g. how to vote in 
Chair) as I am not sure of the details.  Have also tried to incorporate 
in David Marston's comments from this morning.

On another note - a very quick question (from a person with no legal 
background whatsoever, but who read the bylaws in an effort to ensure 
the charter was correct) ...

Section 6.3 of the bylaws discusses the PMC and the members of the PMC. 
  To quote :

"....Project Management Committees consisting of at least one officer of 
the corporation, who shall be designated chairman of such committee, and 
may include one or more other _members of the corporation_...."

(My emphasis)

As I understand it we get past the PMC Chair being an officer by 
recommending that person to the Board, who appoints her/him as said officer.

But my reading of the above is that all members of the PMC must be 
members of the corporation.  I know I'm not, so are we correct in what 
we are doing, or is there something else of which I am not aware?

And, going one step further, doesn't it make sense to ensure (at the 
very least) that a Chairperson is a formal member of the foundation?

Anyway - probably none of my business :>, but I want to make sure what 
we are doing is in the spirit of the bylaws.


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