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From "Vladimir R. Bossicard" <vladi...@bossicard.com>
Subject JUnit-addons and Co
Date Sat, 03 May 2003 04:31:45 GMT
Since almost everyone is writing JUnit tests, I would like to shortly 
present a project I'm developing/maintaining: JUnit-addons.

* JUnit-addons is a collection of helper classes for JUnit.  For example 
custom assert classes (for Strings, Lists, Arrays...) and utility 
classes like the PropertyManager (to retrieve properties from a file) or 
the PrivateAccessor (to access private fields/methods).  The 
*SuiteBuilder classes they let you automatically extract a TestSuite 
containing all TestCases from a directory or a jar/zip file

* JUnit-addons Runner is a yet another JUnit runner.  It runs standard 
JUnit tests but it offers several new functionalities, like:
- resources (like the connection to a database) can be loaded at the 
beginning of the run, initialized (if necessary) when a test look up for 
it and released at the end of the run.  You can achieve the same result 
with cascading TestSetup, but it's messy (been there...)
- custom listeners (like a Beeper, XMLOutputter...)
- tests can be ignored (i.e. not executed) by simply adding '_ignored' 
to their names

These libraries are hosted on sf: <http://junit-addons.sf.net>

Hope you have discovered a useful project


PS: If you have written code you think is a good candidates for the 
addons, don't hesitate to send it.

Vladimir R. Bossicard

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