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From "Xephyrus" <xephy...@xephyrus.com>
Subject XML as script -or- XML processing engine
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 19:06:54 GMT

Last week I suddenly had a project foisted on me to build a template
engine for munging flat-files of various formats.  Oh, and I had 3
days to do it in.

I knew exactly what we needed: something that worked like JSP's in
that we could write beans to perform our custom, proprietary (or
maybe not so much) data-munging tasks and bind them to tags through

I thought that must be what XSLT is all about.  So I spent half a day
or so trying to figure out how to get XSLT to work with flat files.
I finally decided that you just can't get there from here and went
looking for some other tool to do what I needed.

I did find XML For All (XFA) and XMLScript, but those seem to be
one-off projects rather than community- and standards-oriented

So: Did I miss something?  Is there something already in existence or
even in planning that would provide a flexible and definable XML tag
processing engine?  If so, details please.  If not, is there some
reason not to do that?  Is there any interest in doing it?

I apologize if this has already been discussed.  The archives have
been down so I wasn't able to troll them before posting this.

Oh, and BTW: I ended up writing my own engine to get by.  I used SAX
to do the parsing, implemented a stack for parent-child
relationships, and a history list with replayability for iteration.
It's not the most elegant design, but I was able to get it in place
with the needed tag code to meet the deadline.

.  Topher

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