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From "Jeff Schnitzer" <j...@infohazard.org>
Subject Re: Accessing java beans through DOM
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 02:30:56 GMT
> My idea was to implement DOM with a kind of proxy that would translate
> generic node navigation into bean calls through introspection. For
> example, calling Node.getChildNodes() would inspect the undelying bean,
> create a NodeList, cache it, and return it. It could be read-write, but
> for transformation I would only need to read beans.
> I searched on the net for something that does it, and only found it as a
> "Low priority" task in the betwixt project.


This is exactly what you describe.  It is actively used in production 
systems for XSL views by Maverick webapps (XSL becomes equivalent to JSP), 
which was its original purpose.  We split it out into its own project, 
however, because this tool obviously has many other uses.

It is somewhat-maintained; I have a few patches that I have been slacking on 
applying, but otherwise the codebase hasn't changed much in a while.  It 
pretty much meets the needs of its userbase.  If you would like to "take 
over" the project I would be more than happy to give you the keys and help 
out here and there.  

Another similar project is JXV (the author wrote it before he found out 
about Domify):  http://jxv.sourceforge.net.  We experimented building a 
Maverick plugin for this but we discovered a fair number of bugs in JXV.

Personally, I have an active desire to see all of these tools converge 
(domify, jxv, betwixt).  How we do that or with what codebase I don't care.  
I'm willing to contribute some effort and knowledge, but I don't have the 
time to spearhead the process.

Jeff Schnitzer
The Maverick MVC Framework:  http://mav.sourceforge.net

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