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From Elena Litani <elit...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT]: Xerces-J 2.4.0 now available
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 22:31:33 GMT
Hi all, 

The Xerces-J team is very happy to announce that version 2.4.0 of
Xerces-J is now available.  Although in the last release the Xerces
Native Interface (XNI) core was declared to be gold, this release
includes two minor modifications to the XMLResourceIdentifier and
XMLLocator interfaces.

This release also brings Xerces-J into compliance with the most recent
work of the W3C DOM working group on DOM level 3 Core and Load/Save, and
includes more XML Schema errata fixes. The XML 1.1 Candidate
Recommendation is now supported by default (the option for
verifying that documents are normalized has not been yet implemented).

Specifically, the significant changes introduced in this release are:

- Modified XNI XMLResourceIdentifier to include set/getNamespace. Added
getEncoding method to the XNI XMLLocator interface. [Sandy Gao, Neil

- Fixed scanner implementation to be able to handle large CDATA sections
without buffering. [Andy Clark] 

- Made internal class loading strategy a bit more friendly in
environments which need to provide classloaders to do things like manage
multiple versions of Xerces. [Igor Malinin, Neil Graham] 

- Improved robustness of build shell script under the Cygwin
environment. [J. Pietschmann, Neil Graham] 

- Fixed null pointer exception in DTDConfiguration caused when no DTD
handlers are registered. [Andy Clark] 

- Fixed various bug related to <redefine> in XML Schema traversal.
[Khaled Noaman, Sandy Gao] 

- Fixed various bug related to the pattern facet (regular expression) in
XML Schema. [Khaled Noaman, Sandy Gao] 

- Implemented the latest DOM Level 3 Core and Load and Save drafts.
[Elena Litani] 

- Improved performance of XML11Configuration and made it the default
configuration. [Elena Litani] 

- Added support for ordering disconnected nodes (DOM Level 3
compareDocumentPosition) [Lisa Martin] 

- In anticipation of the DOM Level 3 Events specification, fix Xerces
Events implementation to call event listeners in the order in which they
were registered [Arnaud Le Hors] 

- Implemented XML Schema errata as they were published. [Sandy Gao] 

- Fixed a bug related the external-schemaLocation property. [Sandy Gao] 

- General bug fixes. [Ville Skyttä, Michael Glavassevich, Elena Litani,
Sandy Gao, Neil Graham]

The release can be downloaded from

Thank you,
Elena Litani / IBM Toronto

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