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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@ozemail.com.au>
Subject Interaction with third parties
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2003 03:35:03 GMT
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Ted Leung wrote:
| I didn't include Berin's change about supplying input to W3C, because
| we're not W3C members, so it's hard to state
| that we'll always do that, even though many committers are members of
| W3C working groups.  Also, you could
| make the argument that we'll do the same for the JCP, since the ASF is
| allowed to have JCP expert group member
| and concomitant votes.   We should discuss this as a separate thread.

Apologies - I wasn't very clear in my original e-mail.  I'd say it would
be inappropriate to mention any particular organisations in the charter.
~ The use of W3C was meant purely as an example.

The thought was more along the line that we are trying to "promote the
use of XML" and one way of doing that is to feed some of the knowledge
gained from the various projects back into some of the developing standards.

Given it's being done (I was watching one thread in xalan-dev recently),
and appears to be a worthy thing to do, it might be worth mentioning in
the introductory sections of the charter.  But much more than that would
probably be counter-productive.  There is already a statement further
down about the PMC facilitating interaction with the external world.

Maybe something along the lines of :

In order to achieve a coherent architecture between xml.apache.org
components and other components and applications, standards (formal or
de facto) will be used as much as possible for both protocols and
APIs. Where appropriate, experiences and lessons learnt will be fed back
to standards bodies in an effort to assist in the development of those
standards.  We will also allow the innovation of new protocols, APIs,
and components in order to seed new concepts not yet defined by standards.


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