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From Matt Sergeant <m...@sergeant.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] AxKit 1.6.1
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2003 16:11:10 GMT
The AxKit development team are proud to announce the release of AxKit 

   or your local CPAN mirror (may take 24 hours to propogate)

This is a bug fix and minor feature release. Highlights of this release 

  * A new AxExternalEncoding option which allows you to have filesystems 
and other external resources that aren't stored as UTF-8.

  * A finalized AxHandleDirs option that allows Apache's directory 
handlers to return XML representing the directory to AxKit for further 

  * A re-architecture of the internals of AxKit's XSP engine, including:
    - All node building is done in separate functions rather than direct 
DOM calls to reduce the size of XSP code
    - Major memory and reduction of XSP generated perl code
    - XSP pages can inherit from a different base class and implement 
wrapper code easily

  * Major fixes to "axkit:" URIs (i.e. they actually work now for most 

  * Fixed caching when AxGzipOutput is off

  * Slightly improved demo site code

  * Added AxDebugTidy option to use Perl::Tidy on XSP debug dumps

  * Many bug fixes, debug log improvements, and code cleanups

  * An updated axkit.org web site - http://axkit.org/

We hope you enjoy this release, and do keep the bug reports flowing.


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