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From "Vladimir R. Bossicard" <vladi...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Unused imports
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 07:59:11 GMT
> Oh: and please use any magic 'reorganize imports' with care on other
> folk's code

That's why I didn't volunteer :-)  I know that reorganizing the imports 
may be a sensible subject ('.*' or not '.*') and IMO it's up to the 
projects' committers to decide the way to go.

> I'm not sure I'd necessarily want anyone to also go and
> re-format all the existing code - just the imports.  Just IMO.

IntelliJ (and Eclipse ?) only optimizes the imports, without reformating 
the existing code.

> Oh, and how about testing?  Although a bunch of projects seem to be
> using jtest in a number of places, does anyone else have a publicly
> available automation system and detailed conformance tests like
> xml-xalan?

Xindice has some tests written with JUnit (unit, integration and stress).


Vladimir R. Bossicard
Apache Xindice - http://xml.apache.org/xindice

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