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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: The organization of xml.apache.org - public face
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 02:08:19 GMT
---- The public face of xml projects ----
Yes, this is an excellent point - it would be nice to have a much more
nicely organized website to help anyone more easily find the ASF
software that they might want to use.  But I'd really like to discuss
this as a separate issue from the corporate organization of our
projects - they really don't have to be tied together.  We can organize
ourselves internally however we want - we just need to pick some sort
of categorization or troves or whatever to show a public face with. 
Then of course, we actually have to implement it on our webserver...  

Now while our corporate organization and public categories don't have
to match, they do can affect each other if they change how our own
communities work together (and within themselves).  All of us being
under the same xml.apache.org; all of us sharing this general@ list and
having a common PMC make us feel like community together; moving
subprojects around can sometimes make this community harder to
maintain.  But I still think we can do the basics of public face stuff
separately from PMCs.

What needs to happen is getting some concrete proposals, with details,
together so we can constructively think about what we want to do. 
Hopefully, this categorization will use xml and be automated, since
that's what all of our projects work on.  8-)  I'd also love it if it
fit in somehow or live nicely with GUMP, since I see that as a very
successful integration project currently running.  Once we can agree on
a basic plan of what we want, we can then get some volunteers to do the
work, and ask on infrastructure@ for how to actually execute.  Oh, and
bonus points if we can get at least some parts in common with the
jakarta folks.

(A very sideline issue that belongs on infrastructure@ is better
archiving and indexing of our mailing lists too!)

- Shane

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