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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: The organization of xml.apache.org - corporate organization
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 01:59:54 GMT
---- Corporate organization of xml.apache.org ----
Why do I say 'corporate' organization?  Because the ASF is just that -
a corporation, and has to act like one, even if it's structure and
goals are pretty unusal.  That means oversight of the actions taken on
behalf of the corporation by individuals or entities that are
specifically tasked to do so.  

Ted brought up both the general question of if/how we need to modify
the organization of the xml groups (mainly by restructuring the xml
PMC, which is the body that the ASF has appointed to do oversight),
*and* he also brought up the possibility that individual subprojects
(i.e. Xerces, Cocoon, Batik, etc.) could try to vote to leave the xml
project and become their own, top-level projects.  These issues are
*not* necessarily tied together.

Even if a number of individuals think everything's fine as-is, if any
of the Members of the corporation - or even members of our communities,
IMO - are concerned about our level of oversight, then we DO need to do
something about it.  Normally, that works out fine, since the people
who are concerned with the problem will end up doing the work. 
Personally, I would like to see the PMC updated somehow to meet these
concerns, since I share them somewhat.

-- Shane's positions:
+1 to any healthy xml subproject that wishes to become a top-level
project.  Note however that this does require some organization and
extra work on that community's part, since you'll need to create your
own PMC, charter, etc. etc. - this means more work.  On the other hand,
you can try out some new ways of working with your charter, and get to
have a top-level domain name for visibility.  Healthy here means an
active community that shows an ability to work together.

+1 on the majority of xml subprojects staying within xml - I think the
Xerces, Xalan, and Commons communities are probably quite happy where
they are, and many other ones may be either happy as well or may not be
active enough to show that they should be top level.

+1 on changing the xml project charter to reform the xml PMC to be
representation based; i.e. to require at least one member from each
subproject within xml.  I suppose the best way is to have each
subproject have nominations and votes to pick a rep.  If someone can
come up with an alternate PMC organization that everyone agrees gives
enough oversight, then that'd be fine too.

(Terminology note: in this email, I'm using the ASF 'legal'/bylaws
definitions of project and subproject.  Projects are
xml/jakarta/httpd/etc; subprojects are Xerces/Xalan/Cocoon/etc. 
Unfortunately this may not make much sense to people outside the ASF,
it is how we're theoretically organized internally).

- Shane

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