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From "Ranjith Kodikara" <ranj...@dmsswt.com>
Subject Dear Friends.doc
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 08:47:46 GMT
Dear Friends,

	Location 1

	Location 2	Location 5

	Central Server

	Location 3

	Location 4

         My customer has a requirement like this. There are several locations of that organization(my
customer). They have an Oracle database in each of their locations. There is a central server.
When daily transactions are processing, they update their location databases and at the end
of the day, they have to transfer those data to the central server. Currently we are doing
this with Oracle database links and due to so many reasons this is not 100% successful. Communication
is through internet - dialup connections (we can't tell them to upgrade those lines)
         We are hoping to go for XML technologies in order to do this data transfer. I have
knowledge on XML technologies, but not practical experience. But in this case there is no
one in the central server to do any thing. People in locations should be able to transfer
data of that particular day to the central server at the end of the day. 
         My question is how can I do this? Will I need tomcat installed in every location?
I have a good knowledge on Java, JSP and Servlets and familiar with Xerces, Xalan etc. What
s the best technology to use? (Web Services etc.) Can you recommend a book or some of web
         I thought its better to ask this in XML mailing list, if this is not something to
ask from you, pls ignore it.
         My email is Ranjith@dmsswt.com and any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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