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From Joe Germuska <...@Germuska.com>
Subject Re: is there such a thing as a common xml-apis.jar
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 18:09:50 GMT
At 12:29 PM -0500 2002/11/06, neilg@ca.ibm.com wrote:
>Xerces has never shipped the transform half of JAXP.  That's because we've
>always felt it's misleading to users--especially newbies--to ship
>interfaces we neither need nor implement.  If you just want a parser, you
>don't need to know about the transform half of JAXP and you can happily
>stick with xerces; if you need an XSLT processor, you can grab Xalan which
>will come with an appropriate xerces implementation and all the APIs you
>need.  (Does Xalan ship our xmlParserAPIs file?  I doubt they do; I hope
>they don't.  :) )

Having been bitten by the same thing as James this week (using a 
Maven xml-apis.jar that didn't have the transformation part of JAXP), 
I would tend to agree with Shane -- just ship a single XML jar with 
all of JAXP, all of SAX, and all of DOM.

The confusion could be dealt with with documentation, and the classes 
can't add up to more than a few kilobytes.  I think the current 
situation is more confusing.

But then, I'm not a Xerces committer either.

Just my 2 shekels,

* Joe Germuska    { joe@germuska.com }
"It's pitiful, sometimes, if they've got it bad. Their eyes get 
glazed, they go white, their hands tremble.... As I watch them I 
often feel that a dope peddler is a gentleman compared with the man 
who sells records."
	--Sam Goody, 1956

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