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From Paul Libbrecht <p...@activemath.org>
Subject Re: is there such a thing as a common xml-apis.jar
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 19:50:59 GMT
No, no, no !

Please separate the jars at least by license !!
Having dom hidden in the classpath is plain hell for newbies !
Sax is much less dangerous but dom is really a pain, at least for the 
question of dom-level 2 or level 1 (which is kind of old time)...

I think it is immensely important for anyone receiving these APIs to be 
aware of:
- the license for each (among others, the, possibly limited, rights to 
- cleanly defined authorship and origin

Of course, if everything can be made "licensed by Apache foundation 
under the Apache license" than no-one has any problem with this. But 
I've never seen a copy of Jaxp (which should be with source then) under 
Apache license yet.

I would have hoped the maven notion of dependency to sort of cover the 
rights-management problem, doesn't it include little description such 
as: this package is in this jar, provided by this author/institution, 
licensed by this one, under this license ?? (the next step being an 
automation of rights-management, but that's another story)


On Mercredi, novembre 6, 2002, at 07:09 , Joe Germuska wrote:

> Having been bitten by the same thing as James this week (using a Maven 
> xml-apis.jar that didn't have the transformation part of JAXP), I would 
> tend to agree with Shane -- just ship a single XML jar with all of 
> JAXP, all of SAX, and all of DOM.

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