Hey Matt and all,

I think a xml to object mapper that doesn't need any config filoes like Digester is worthwile, and I would love to try it out.  I like Digester and JAXB, JAXme, etc, but I still think these are not the end of the story.
I want to use such an engine in conjuction with a few Schema and transformation languages to create forms in java and HTML, but what I really am interested in is the Design Patterns behind all this, and considering as many points of view as possible is really boradening my horizons.

Tim C.

>From: Matt Pickering
>Reply-To: general@xml.apache.org
>To: general@xml.apache.org
>Subject: Using XML to create Java objects
>Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 21:37:19 -0800 (PST)
>Hello all,
>I use XML on a daily basis in my day job and recently
>I've started work on some gaming projects that use XML
>to store configuration and game data. One of the most
>tedious tasks I've had to deal with in both realms is
>the parsing of XML in order to create Java objects,
>both simple and complex.
>I know libraries and tools exist to do this, but they
>all have one major drawback: they require me to write
>code to describe the objects I want to create and map
>the XML to them.
>I've written an engine that allows me to express
>simple and composite Java objects as XML and have Java
>objects come out without any work on my part other
>than providing a listener to capture the objects as
>they are created.
>The engine uses Java Reflection to construct objects
>and call methods. Methods can accept simple
>parameters or other objects, which can also be
>expressed as nested XML.
>The XML markup has to follow a few simple rules and a
>mechanism is provided to allow the user to define
>constants that can substitute one value for another as
>well as define the tags that map to various objects.
>Here is a simple example of some XML markup that
>creates a Java Properties object:
> >xmlns:twgp="http://www.wargameproject.org/transmuteml">
> >class="java.util.Properties"/>
>I've been using this engine to built game
>configuration files as well as to build config files
>for some rules-based code I use in my day job.
>My question to the list is this: Would there be any
>interest to the community at large in such an engine?
>I was planning to release the engine along with the
>gaming code, but it is being maintained as a separate
>codebase. I am willing to break the engine out and
>maintain it as a separate project if there is
>sufficient interest.
>The engine is general purpose but is scoped for
>applications that use XML as configuration data but
>don't want the hassle of having to parse the XML to
>suit differing requirements. It is not a
>serialization mechanism (although I plan to add a
>converter to take instantiated objects and dump out
>compatible XML markup). It certainly isn't a "be-all,
>end-all" solution to the problem of XML-Java
>conversion, but can address a decent amount of the
>problems that an average developer may face in using
>XML and Java.
>If anyone would like to know more, please reply to the
>list or me directly. If this ins't the appropriate
>forum for this, I do apologize and I will repost this
>to the Jakarta list and take my chances there.
>Matt Pickering
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