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From "milena schrevel" <milen...@postmaster.co.uk>
Subject newbie question: transforming xml to txt with xslt
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 10:01:14 GMT
hi all,
i want to exctract certain data from a xml-file, which contains programdetails of several
tv channels (see a examle below),  and put it into an txt-file. the programm should read from
the xml file the data starting from 6:00 am of the following day till 5:59 am of the day after
i am new to xml, xsl/xslt. my question is now, if my problem can be solved with xslt only,
or if i need another programminglanguage (which one?) for extracting data according the time?
are there tools which i can use? 
thanks a lot for any kind of help!
regards, milena schrevel

    <EVENTLIST originalnetworkid="1"                        transportstreamid="1089" serviceid="0x2EE3"
       <EVENT eventid="0x23BB93"> 	
	   <STARTTIME country="deu" date="21.09.2002"   time="16:00:00" /> 
           <DURATION country="deu" time="01:00" /> 
	   <SHORTEVENTDESC language="ger">	
	   <EVENTGENRE genreid="GENRE_0" /> 
example of output.txt :  xyz  21.09.2002  16:00:00  News

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