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From robert burrell donkin <robertburrelldon...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: Research Topic in B2B Communication -XML-Web Services
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 21:39:32 GMT
you might find this thread relevant:


- robert

On Wednesday, October 23, 2002, at 12:06 PM, Qwerty Poiu wrote:

> Hello,
> I have some suggestions for a topic that I would like to see discussed 
> here.
> I did alot of research into "data-mapping" because I wanted to create 
> forms from DTDs and pre-existing XML docs.
> What this desire needs is a satandard way of mapping data in XML to 
> objects (JAXB), and a way to map the data types to GUI input fields, 
> features, etc.
> Creating a new XML file from a DTD involves a step by step (dare I say 
> 'Wizard Design Pattern') dialog with the user.  Using a pre-existing XML 
> file lets the user enter multiple fileds at once, but these two methods 
> could be combined to create a really complicated API.
> The second feature is being done so many different ways, that one person 
> would find it very difficult to write an overview of all the effort 
> currently going on and the history of past systems.
> In a simple way, I think any program is a data model that is activated 
> with a programming language, and that this field is an ongoing effort to 
> create more logical distinctions between the need to have flexible data 
> models and flexible scripting languages.
> I wrote a Java application that was the GIU for a transformation language 
> called LMX, which includes a input field generator for DTD to new-XML 
> file generation.  I'm stuck now in an effort to create a web app that 
> does the same thing.
> Anyhow, I would like to see what other people say about this broad field,
>  so that's my selfish suggestion for your research topic.
> I have lots of discussions from the Commons 'sub-project of a sub-project'
>  where very skilled developers threw thier ideas at each other.  I only 
> work with Java part time, so I don;t have loads of time to devote to it, 
> but believe this field is important and still undecided and the solutions 
> are far from obvious (to me).
> That's enough for one E-mail.
> Talk to you later, and good luck,
> Tim C.


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