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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject Re: CfP: Apache JAXB Implementation Project
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 13:38:22 GMT
> Is it correct to understand that starting a "sub-project" does
> not constitute an effort to build a new community?

It represents an effort to join an existing community.

> If so I suggest starting this under xml-commons - XML Schema
> to/from Java mapping / modeling is a critical aspect of so many
> projects that I cannot believe that there wouldn't be lots of
> folks interested in participating. Axis for example has its own
> variation of JAXB already (the variation found in JAX-RPC, which
> I understand is the new foundation of the new and revitalized
> JAXB) and so all that work could easily migrate to this project.

At the moment, looking at the current charter of xml-commons:


perhaps it could be argued that the JAXB specified classes themselves 
could fit in there, but the implementation of these interfaces belong 
elsewhere.  (Example being jaxp vs crimson/xerces/xalan).

As you point out, there might be like minded people in Axis, and 
participating there could eventually lead to a refactoring of this code 
into a separate project.

For related reading, take a peek at 

- Sam Ruby

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