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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Xml-commons
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 20:05:59 GMT
The appropriate place to discuss xml-commons is on
commons-dev@xml.apache.org  We do have a web page at
http://xml.apache.org/commons although it's a little thin so far.

xml-commons is explicitly a bit 'quieter' than jakarta-commons,
although lately it's been a bit *too* quiet (not that I have extra time
for the next 2 weeks to help myself, with a friend's wedding to toast

The charter in xml-commons was to be a common repository for xml-based
or -oriented code that other xml.apache.org projects needed.  I'm
thinking this may soon morph a bit into having two halves of

-a- The external directory will be a common place to get SAX/DOM/JAXP
interfaces, as it does now.  Several committers are currently trying to
get the time to neaten this up and make improvments - stay tuned.  This
area will probably always be pretty tightly controlled since there are
some important versioning and packaging questions here.

-b- I'd like to see the rest of xml-commons become a little bit more

The doctypechanger sounds like a pretty good addition: it's small,
focused, specifically for XML processing, and isn't a replacement for
existing functionality (i.e. it doesn't compete with
xerces/xalan/others, it complements their use in different
environments).  It's something to help tie together our existing XML
tools for custom environments.

The serializer and such I haven't looked at enough yet.  But I'd be
more inclined to get the Xerces and/or Xalan communities to agree on a
common org.apache.xml.serializer package and migrate one of those to
xml-commons, since we already have fully-featured serializers in those
(Oh, this points out one of my biases: I'd prefer tools that strictly
follow standards or that do small, focused tasks outside of the
standards.  Thus I'd be less inclined to do an xml project that doesn't
support namespaces, for example.  It might be good for
just-getting-it-done projects, but I'd rather focus on more robust and
complete ones.  Or on small tools that do things that aren't spec'd in
standards, but are common programming tasks directly related to using
the standards)

And in the short term, the jakarta-commons project is a good place to
look for a temporary home for stuff like this.  They host all sorts of
useful little java bits.

- Shane

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