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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject FYI: new Gump machine
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 13:00:43 GMT
This weekend, I've upgraded the primary Gump machine from a 300 Mhz 
Pentium II w/160 MB RAM to a 2 GHz Pentium IV w/768MB of RAM.  I also 
upgraded from RedHat 7.2 Linux to 7.3 at the same time.

Overall build time has been reduced from approximately 4.5 hours to 
approximately 1.5 hours (this includes the cvs update, copying of 
directories, etc).

Over the course of the summer, I am going to try to spend more effort 
again into getting to the point where I can bootstrap and build all the 
projects together.  In many cases, I am going to need your help, 
particularly on those subprojects who have opted to take ownership of 
their own gump descriptors.

* Does anybody know what the current state of hsqldb cvs is?  It seems 
empty at the moment?

* xml-rpc seems to be mavenized.  Other projects have build.xml files 
which are produced by maven that gump can deal with... what's different 

* jaxen.  I've sent a patch and suggestions.  Any outlook on when this 
will be resolved?

The commons-fileupload and various avalon project have already been 
fixed.  The xml-axis failure is being actively worked.  Remy is looking 
to the Tomcat 4.0 failures which are caused by the restructuring and 
retagging of underlying trees.

Once these are addressed, I'll focus further down the dependency tree.

Thanks in advance for any help.

- Sam Ruby

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