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From Andy Clark <an...@apache.org>
Subject [Announce] The CyberNeko Tools for XNI 2002.07.17 Available
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:58:40 GMT
Despite recent mail server problems that kept me off the
list for a few days (and probably returned a bunch of mail
to their senders), I've been hard at work on NekoXNI. Now
I am pleased to announce the release of the CyberNeko
Tools for XNI version 2002.07.17.

This release fixes a variety of small problems and adds
new features and new tools to allow users to use Xerces2
to validate documents using Relax NG.

NekoDTD was updated to include stylesheets to convert DTD
grammars to Relax NG. Also, this release adds a new tool,
called ManekiNeko, that includes a parser configuration
built with a Relax NG validator instead of the standard
DTD/XML Schema validators.

ManekiNeko does not implement a Relax NG validator. Instead,
it wraps James Clark's Jing validator by converting between
XNI and SAX events. (Even if you don't use RelaxNG, this code
can be used by any application that wants to embed a SAX2
filter in an XNI pipeline.)

It is my hope that the new tools will enable existing Relax
NG fans to more easily use Relax NG in their applications
as well as introduce this wonderful XML schema language to
a wider audience.

                          * * *

The following list details all of the changes made to the
NekoXNI tools in this release:

  NekoHTML 0.6.5
   * Fixed bug in changing character encoding when
     "charset=..." is not written in lowercase; and
   * mark attributes as "specified".
  NekoDTD 0.1.1
   * Fixed bugs in DTDx to DTD stylesheet for comments,
     processing instructions, and ignore conditionals;
   * fixed minor bug in DTDx to Flat stylesheet;
   * fixed minor bug in Flat to XML Schema stylesheet; and
   * added Flat to RelaxNG stylesheets and documentation.
  NekoStyle 0.2
   * Modified processor API so to allow relative system
     identifiers to be used within documents; and
   * added ability to set properties within pipeline scripts.
  ManekiNeko 0.1
   * Initial writing.

You can download and use each project independently or
download the entire package from the following URL:



                          * * *

P.S. In the pipeline for NekoXNI is a pull-parser API and
implementation based on Xerces2 and XNI. I have already
written a buffering parser configuration that guarantees
that one and only one event is returned for each call to
XMLPullParserConfiguration#parse(boolean):boolean. (This
is very important in order to make a true pull-parsing
implementation built from Xerces2 and XNI work correctly.)

Next, I plan on designing a pull-parser API that builds
on the Xerces Native Interface. This API is not meant to
be a competitor to existing pull-parsing projects such
as XPP. Rather, it is meant to show the flexibility and
power of the XNI framework to address other parsing needs
while leveraging the existing library of XNI components.

Andy Clark * andyc@apache.org

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