I have been having problems with XML validation with Crimson 1.1.3.  I receive the following error when I try to parse the XML file:

Error: URI=file:D:/crimson-1.1.3/examples/DOMEcho/web.xml Line=67: Element "web-app" does not allow "filter" here

Anybody that has worked with servlets will notice that I am trying to use the filter feature which is new to the Servlet 2.3 specification.  I have checked, and rechecked the referenced DTD, and there is nothing wrong with the use of the <filter> tag where I have used it.

Is this a known problem within Crimson?  If it is, and it has been logged as a bug, please excuse this message.  I have tried looking through the bug database, but I am not used to BugZilla, and therefore my bug querying skills are still weak!  Also, the archives for this mailing list are a little out of date, and I couldn't find anything regarding this issue.