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From ne...@ca.ibm.com
Subject Xerces 2.0.2 is now available!
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 19:31:02 GMT
Hi all,

The Xerces-J team is proud to announce that Xerces-J 2.0.2 is now
In this release, numerous bugs have been fixed. Only one minor change in
the Xerces Native Interface is included (documented below); considerable
new functionality
has also been added in terms of PSVI support, DOM level 3, and grammar

The release can be downloaded from


The major changes made since Xerces 2.0.1 are:

- Added Schema Component API interfaces and implementation; full PSVI
support. [Sandy Gao, Elena Litani]
- Add XMLResourceIdentifier to startExternalSubset() method defined in XNI
XMLDTDHandler. That allows supporting baseURI for an external subset.
- Added implementation for baseURI, documentURI, normalizeDocument and
required normalize document features. Added support for DOM revalidation
XML Schemas. [DOM Level 3] [Elena Litani]
- Changed DOM createElementNS and createAttributeNS methods so that they
now convert the empty string, when used as a namespace URI, to null. This
is a change in behaviour compared with Xerces 2.0.1, but it is now
permitted by DOM level 2 and it aligns with DOM level 3 expectations.
[Elena Litani]
- Added implementation for compareTreePosition method of DOM L3. [Lisa
- Added XMLGrammarLoader interface to the xni.grammars package; refactor
DTD and Schema validation code to create classes implementing this
created a convenience class (XMLGrammarPreparser) that uses the new grammar
loaders to permit grammar preparsing; wrote a sample
that demonstrates how all this works. [Neil Graham]
- Reorganized the code in Xerces DOM implementation to expose DOM Level 3
functionality via org.w3c.dom package. Added several build targets for
customized xerces jar files that include DOM Level 3 Core and Load/Save
interfaces and implementation of those interfaces: jars-dom3, apijar-dom3,
[Arnaud Le Hors, Elena Litani]
- Updated xni.DocumentTracer sample to print augmentations for events. This
makes it easier to debug configurations that augment the document's
[Andy Clark]
- Removed dependence on SAX attribute interfaces from XMLAttributesImpl
utility class. The AbstractSAXParser already defines a SAX attribute proxy
class so that the parser and components can be properly layered. [Andy
- Moved from the org.xml.sax.helpers.AttributesImpl shipped with SAX 2.0 to
that shipping in 2.0.1. This solves problems encountered with creating
empty attribute lists. [Neil Graham]
- Improved handling of settings in parser classes making it easier to
re-use the parsers with other parser configurations. Previously, the parser
instances assumed that all configurations supported various settings (i.e.
the parser would set default values without first adding the recognized
and property identifiers to the parser configuration). [Andy Clark]
- Fixed bug in HTML DOM implementation that was causing xerces.dom element
nodes to be created instead of the appropriate HTML element nodes. [Andy
- Fixed bug to avoid null pointer exception in AbstractDOMParser when
locator information is not available from parser configuration. [Andy
- Fixed bug in WrappedInput/OutputStream classes reported by Morten
Bjørhus. [Andy Clark]
The DTD validator failed to report "undeclared element" error if an
attribute was declared for an undeclared element. [Elena Litani]
- Performance fixes: replaced code that increases array sizes by catching
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions with code that checks the sizes of the
arrays. Also streamlined several method calls in the DTD Grammar classes to
account for the fact that scope is not relevant for this type of grammar.
improved algorithm for recognizing entities and notations. [Henry Zongaro,
Neil Graham]
- Compress jars by default. We have not done so in the past, and it will be
useful to see if this proves problematic or beneficial. [Neil Graham]
- Added several build targets for building customized xercesImpl jarfiles.
Now we can build a DTD-only version, and a DTD-only version also excluding
support for the HTML/WML DOM. [Neil Graham]
- Parser now reads external entities one chunk at a time, rather than a
character at a time; this increases performance dramatically in certain
This fix also allows a number of EBCDIC encodings to work which did not
work previously. [Neil Graham, Henry Zongaro]
- Performance enhancement: implemented DOM node and declaration pools that
reduce number of objects created during building of XML Schema grammars.
[Elena Litani]
- Improved performance for non-deferred DOM: reduced number of
concatenations for characters (bug #5602) [Elena Litani]
- According to the namespace spec errata, namespace declaration attributes
should be bound to a special namespace; and errors should be reported on
illegal bindings of "xmlns" and "xml" prefixes and their namespaces. [Sandy
- Refined schema error messages: provide more descriptive error messages
for simple type validation errors; avoid cascading errors when a grammar
a given namespace is not found, or when components from a certain namespace
can't be accessed from a given schema document. [Sandy Gao]
- Changed the lexical representation of gMonth from "--MM--" to "--MM".
[Sandy Gao]
Decimal point shouldn't be allowed in integer-derived types;
"fractionDigits" and "totalDigits" should be calculated on the value space.
[Sandy Gao]
- Fixed several DOM bugs. Xerces now passes W3C DOM Level 1 Core test
suite. [Elena Litani]
- Improved management of ID attributes in the DOM so that
Document.getElementByID is more reliable. [Arnaud Le Hors]
- Applied patch from Scott Sanders to fix Java serialization of the DOM and
add a test. [Arnaud Le Hors]
- Applied patch from Henry Zongaro to fix a ClassCastException in the
deferred DOM. [Elena Litani]
- Applied patch from Fabio Riccardi to reset normalize value in the PSVI.
[Elena Litani]
- Applied patch from Joe Kesselman that fixes NPE in a NodeIterator (bug
#6888). [Elena Litani]

Neil Graham
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Phone:  905-413-3519, T/L 969-3519
E-mail:  neilg@ca.ibm.com

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