Cool. My interest is in adding forrest support to Maven as a plug-in.

I've previously written stylesheets for Latka to generate Anakia documents from DocBook source, and have done enough XSL in my time, so it all sounds like a familiar world to me. I looked @ stylebook ages ago, have dabbled with Cocoon, and have been following the Centipede lists for a month or so.

Anything you need to know about how to plug it into Maven I'd be happy to help with. We're in the process of making it easier for people to plug their stuff into maven at the moment, and since almost all our docs are XML generated, I think Forrest support should be easy.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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05/03/02 06:05 PM
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Forrest isn't ready for prime time yet, so there's just the CVS
repository right now. We are currently looking into supporting Cocoon's
documentation/website (and our own website of course), also providing
projects which are using a Stylebook approach-of-sorts a migration path
to a new unifying doco/website building environment. Strictly
(skinnable) XML2HTML publishing using XSLT, with quite some thoughts on
DTD structure, navigation & interlinking and the like. Beware: this is a
dochead project :-)

As far as thoughts are considered around componentizing it as a
Centipede .cent or a Maven 'plugin', I'm currently trying to grasp the
how & when.

Current plans are retrofitting Forrest so that it uses Centipede 1.0
instead of 0.1, creating a new target that builds a forrest.cent, and
writing docs on how to Forrest-enable your project (basically:
documentation file structure, DTD's to follow, etc).

Once we have things covered on a project level, we'll move up the food
chain and start thinking about the overall structure.

Glad you're checking us out!



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