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From "Steven Noels" <stev...@outerthought.org>
Subject RE: Forrest
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 08:05:32 GMT

Forrest isn't ready for prime time yet, so there's just the CVS
repository right now. We are currently looking into supporting Cocoon's
documentation/website (and our own website of course), also providing
projects which are using a Stylebook approach-of-sorts a migration path
to a new unifying doco/website building environment. Strictly
(skinnable) XML2HTML publishing using XSLT, with quite some thoughts on
DTD structure, navigation & interlinking and the like. Beware: this is a
dochead project :-)

As far as thoughts are considered around componentizing it as a
Centipede .cent or a Maven 'plugin', I'm currently trying to grasp the
how & when.

Current plans are retrofitting Forrest so that it uses Centipede 1.0
instead of 0.1, creating a new target that builds a forrest.cent, and
writing docs on how to Forrest-enable your project (basically:
documentation file structure, DTD's to follow, etc).

Once we have things covered on a project level, we'll move up the food
chain and start thinking about the overall xml.apache.org structure.

Glad you're checking us out!



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