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From Paul Libbrecht <p...@activemath.org>
Subject Re: does my project suck?
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:39:49 GMT
Hey, that's interesting !

For one, there's one big thing missing in Apache: gui components !!
It's quite much a shame there's nothing such started I think.
So I believe, it may be hard for Swang to find a home in Apache, but i 
am not an Apache board member nor would I discourage it !

Second, I think I've seen this already.
There is: SwingBuilder (I think, I could never really get infos at it), 
and another project I met but lost now which all do components from XML. 
I have a cd somewhere with a demo of it, it is commercial.

Can you compare it to others ?


On Mardi, avril 30, 2002, at 05:42 , Russell White wrote:

> I have started a project at
> http://swang.sourceforge.net
> But I am not sure that that is the best home for it. I would rather it 
> be a part of the Apache XML project. :)
> It is called "Swang" this is because I originally designed it for 
> building Java JFC Swing UIs based on XML. Since them I have used it to 
> build almost any
> object model based on existing classes from XML.
> I am not sure where to start in generating interest, and I thought 
> Apache may well be the place to find people who could use such a tool.
> Here is how I use it.
> I have enterprise applications which are based on MVC design patterns. 
> In my apps the view is always created as XML to be transformed into a 
> UI (GUI or Web based, or even mobile) or used by another application. 
> The reason for this is that I have many apps with 4 or more target UI 
> endpoint technologies. "Swang" was designed to help create UIs that fit 
> this programming model.
> If one of you had time to look at the project, and give me some 
> guidance I
> would be very thankful, and more than glad to repay your kindness with 
> lunch or your favorite beverages if I ever should have the privilege to 
> meet you
> personally.

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