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From Robert Koberg <...@koberg.com>
Subject Re: ?s on Native XML DBs and filesystem XML
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2002 00:38:41 GMT

Paul Libbrecht wrote:

> Hi,
> This discussion interests me.
> One point that you seem to entirely omit in your description is the 
> number (and size) of XML documents you intend to have in there... 
> otherwise, there's nothing that prevents you to load it all in ram...

Sorry - there is one main config XML that would normally be 5k-100k. The 
rest are 1 to 50k (at most). My app is is mostly SAX with a few very 
small DOM nodesets rarely created to send as params to the 
transformation. I have been trying to keep memory low (I don't know 
why... :). Currently the app takes about 10MB (the app server takes 
about 10MB). Startup is currently very fast and things get accessed only 
when needed. Some files might get touched/changed a good deal (like the 
config files) some might be touched/changed once and never again (like 
content XML pieces).

The app is kind-of simple on the java side (mainly triggers different 
types of transformations, sometimes a ContentHandler to fill in some 
blanks. I read everything from disk and write everything to disk. I 
assume this is a bad strategy if i want to scale up :) I want to know 
when this strategy breaks and then go to an XML DB (if that is what is 


> Paul
> On Mardi, avril 16, 2002, at 10:29 , Robert Koberg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I starting to investigate content XML storage options for an 
>> application that is driven by java servlets and XSLT. There are so 
>> many options ranging from free (Xindice) to very expensive (Tamino).
>> I currently have an app based on filesystem XML documents. The 
>> content XML could be changed anytime a user is using the app (based 
>> on a lock system). The way the app is built would map nicely to an 
>> XML DB (I believe...).
>> I am in the process of learning how to do stress/load testing. I was 
>> hoping you guys could help on a few (not so simple) things:
>> [Example system info: RAM=512MB, processor=800mHz_XEON, 
>> OS=Linux_RedHat, webserver=Apache, servlet-container=(Resin | Tomcat)]
>> [Each HTTP request would require a cached XSLT Template and between 1 
>> and 5(n?) filesystem XML documents]
>> 1) Is there a general rule of thumb when the number of concurrent 
>> hits to a filesystem based app would hit the wall?
>> 2) What are people's impressions of native XML DBs? Who is the best? 
>> Who is the best for a small budget (hopefully much less than 25k)?
>> 3) If you have a user base on a single server of between 2 to 20 
>> users would you need an XML DB or would a filesystem based app work 
>> decently?
>> 4) If you have a user base of 'n' number of groups of 2-20 users, 
>> what would 'n' need to equal before you hit the wall?
>> 5) Are there any suggestions on how to test these types of things? (I 
>> recently bought _Java Tools for eXtrmeme Programming_ , by Richard 
>> Hightower and Nicholas Lesiecki, which  will hopefully help me going 
>> forward).
>> Thanks is advance for any help!
>> -Rob

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