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From Andy Clark <an...@apache.org>
Subject Re: HTML Parser Update Available
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2002 05:08:37 GMT
Harald Hett wrote:
> Again, I think the value should not lead to misunderstandings. Maybe
> "nochange" is not correct for the kind of case manipulation the NekoHTML
> parser must do, but "balance" is not either, I think. Hm, "match" fits
> much better. Hm, what about "trim"?

I don't like "trim" because there's no trimming happening... I
think I'll go with "match". Besides, this is just a documentation
issue. In the code, I only look for "upper" and "lower" -- all
other values are treated as "match". So the following would be
just fine as well:



> > But I'm getting tired so I'll probably do that tomorrow.
> Well, the weekend starts now!

I was writing the last message at about 9:30pm on Friday here
in Tokyo. I was feeling a little anxious to get out of the
house for awhile so I just made sure that the casing code
worked and then went to the pub. :) Today I'll work on adding
the infoset augmentations, updating the docs, and pushing a
new version out the door. [Disclaimer: but don't kill me if
it doesn't get out there until tomorrow.]

Andy Clark * andyc@apache.org

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