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From Russell White <russw...@yahoo.com>
Subject does my project suck?
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 15:42:14 GMT
I have started a project at 


But I am not sure that that is the best home for it. I would rather it be a
part of the Apache XML project. :)

It is called "Swang" this is because I originally designed it for building Java
JFC Swing UIs based on XML. Since them I have used it to build almost any
object model based on existing classes from XML.

I am not sure where to start in generating interest, and I thought Apache may
well be the place to find people who could use such a tool.

Here is how I use it.

I have enterprise applications which are based on MVC design patterns. In my
apps the view is always created as XML to be transformed into a UI (GUI or Web
based, or even mobile) or used by another application. The reason for this is
that I have many apps with 4 or more target UI endpoint technologies. "Swang"
was designed to help create UIs that fit this programming model.

If one of you had time to look at the project, and give me some guidance I
would be very thankful, and more than glad to repay your kindness with lunch or
your favorite beverages if I ever should have the privilege to meet you

I have long been an advocate of the Apache community.

I will poke my head into some of the projects and see what I can see.

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