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From Matt Sergeant <m...@sergeant.org>
Subject Re: Becoming an Apache-XML project
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 19:38:29 GMT
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On Tuesday 16 April 2002 8:16 pm, Nick Kew wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm emailing everyone named on http://xml.apache.org/whoweare.html,
> on the assumption that you are the right contacts for this.
> You may have seen my announcement of mod_xml a couple of weeks ago.
> In case you haven't, I'll append it to this message.
> Following the initial announcement, it was suggested that mod_xml
> could become an Apache-XML project.  I would be happy for it to
> do so, as this will presumably improve its exposure, both to
> users and developers.
> Would you be interested?

I have an alternate suggestion... How about working with the AxKit project to 
build the internal engine for AxKit 2.0? While AxKit does use mod_perl for 
it's embedded perl interpreter, mostly what we use Perl for is the 
dynamically compiled stuff (XSP), and also to make things a little easier to 
override. However the core of AxKit is now a plain old apache module.

It would certainly be very useful to have you on the team, as none of us know 
anything about Apache 2.0, and we certainly would like to make sure that 
AxKit can be used as a filter.

If that doesn't turn yer crank, I'd be happy to have mod_xml as an XML 
project, since it certainly makes an interesting prospect to have things like 
the output from PHP to be transformable via XSLT on the fly. However I don't 
get a vote, so my opinion is merely a voice.

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